Sunday, February 3, 2008

Warm fuzzies

Well, very sad day here in New England.
So, let's talk about toys instead of those 
Patriots.  This little guy here on the left,
for example,  Dossy Bunny.  I love
the names Steiff gives
their plush.  He's got a 
sweet little pal Sissy Piglet (just below).
Great spirit lifters.  

A few months back I called Steiff looking
for the Hedgehogs I had ordered.
I was told they were in the warehouse
waiting to have their ears buttoned.
How cute is that?

Who else do we love???


Great company!  Beautifully crafted
learning toys for kids.
Need to brush up on
your manners, or
maybe learn a little French
on the drive to Grandmaman's?
Take these flash cards along, 
the whole family might
learn something.

A few more of the great toys we have here...

Mudpuppy's, Penelope Peapod,
Melissa and Doug, Folkmanis and more...

Chins Up!


Friday, February 1, 2008

New Patterns

Coming soon! 

"Bubble Dress" by Oliver and S.   

Ne plus ultra patterns for kids who lunch. 

I'm really excited about these patterns

from this creative new studio.  They'll

be in the store any moment now,

just couldn't keep it to myself a minute

longer, plus, it's February and I needed

some excitement.

Everything Amy

Yet another thing to look forward to...

Amy Butler's new collection!  

A fantastically designed

group of fabrics combining

floral and geometric patterns

in fresh modern colors.

Coming out in April!  

We've stocked up on all of

Amy's patterns too.

So, ready, set, Spring!

bye for now,