Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Quilt Market

Just back from Quilt Market in Minneapolis... fabulous trip (except for the missing one of our flights part), great weather, lovely people and of course...LOTS of great new fabrics!

 One of our first exciting encounters was at the Oliver + S booth.  We introduced ourselves,  gushed over their new patterns and then learned that Liesl has a fabric line!   It's put out by Moda AND... drum roll please - the line includes some gorgeous knits!!!  It won't be out until fall though...but don't worry,  I'll shout out loud as soon as it arrives in the store.

Next....... Tina Givens had an adorable display of her new fabric collection: "Opal Owl".  She talked to me about her latest patterns and explained the improvements made to them, which I was happy to hear.  The previous patterns were a bit lacking in direction.  Looking forward to trying out the new ones.

Anna Maria Horner........

 ... as lovely as she appears to be on her blog (drats!).  Here she is signing a copy of her new book "Seams to Me".  Again, I gushed about her fabric - especially the voile.  Everyone is at odds about the pronunciation of this...English: voyl; French: vwahl.  I say "vwahl"- not to be super snobby french, but because I also say "twahl" for toile and this makes sense to me.

More name dropping...

I was chatting with Sandi Henderson about her new line of fabric "Meadow Sweet 2" and her book "Sewing Bits and Pieces" (both fabulous), when a woman came up next to us, offered her hand to Sandi and said: "Hi, I'm Kate Spade" (harumphhhh!)

Before I forget...

There were some lovely quilts at Quilt Market (imagine) - here are a few of my faves:

She was the most popular girl, of course.  Her booth was swarming with fans.  She graciously offered to be photographed with one and all, myself included (I'm allergic).   Not surprisingly, she has lots going on: new fabric, new book AND...yarn!  Her new fabric collection "Soul Blossoms" is truly beautiful, my favorite so far.  It won't be out until late summer/fall - something to look forward to.

Last but not least...

My fave, the peeps at Kokka and Echino (dance, dance, dance!)
LOVE Heather Ross' newest collection "Far Far Away 2":

and all the other fabulous, fabulous fabrics....

All in all, Quilt Market was:


Hope to see you all in the store!