Monday, April 26, 2010

Drawing In Thread

This past week, I went to the Nancy Crow exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum.  If you haven't been to the Fuller, it is well worth the trip. As the name states, it's a museum devoted to crafts, a distinction I've always been a bit uncomfortable with - the whole "art vs craft" thing.  Most of their exhibits are devoted to craftmanship of some sort - textile arts, glasswork, ceramics, furniture etc., but the majority are created as works of expression and form rather than function.  Nancy Crow's exhibit is a perfect case in point.  She creates with quilts.  I wasn't very familiar with her work before my visit and my immediate impression was that these were paintings - paintings in fabric.  Unfortunately, they didn't allow photographs, but I purchased the exhibit catalog which has all of her newest pieces along with details of her process.  Click on the links above to learn more about the exhibit and Nancy Crow.

 Another exhibit on my calendar: Drawing In Thread at Mount Ida College.  This exhibit features contemporary, non-traditional embroidery artists.  Should be interesting.  Exhibit ends Sunday May 2nd.

Ok.  Back on planet Mill Store........

A blast from the past rolled into the store the other day.  A quilt with Town of Franklin landmarks made for the bicentennial (1976).  Notice what was playing at the movies that year....JAWS!  and....the Franklin Mill Store is lookin' quite cute too, doncha think?

Handbags everywhere here...

Sarah made this adorable version of the Ellen Medlock Interchangeable Bag using Kaffe Fassett's "Kirman" pattern:

and Dorothy made this little one using the Quilt Plus Petit Purse pattern.  The fabric is "Timber" by Jessica Levitt, and the handles by Inazuma .  Both these bags are super easy to make.

Nancy and I are brushing up on our french these days (plus, I can only say "cute" so many times on this blog).  These felted slippers, designed and made by Nancy may be the last of the felting spree she's been on.....but they are cute aren't they?

(one last cute)
Hush Puppies from Alexander Henry.....

by for now!


Monday, April 12, 2010


pring fever's in full bloom

- so many ideas and things

to do, the brain can't keep

up with it all...

Kirsten is working on the gorgeous Ysolda Teague's

Ishbel shawl using Ella Rae Lace Merino.

It will be scrumptious!

Nancy Keyes brought this fab, fab bag into the store Saturday

which I am coveting. She made it with a fabric from one

of our Home Decorating remnant tables.

I LOVE all the little details:

the ribbon, the chartreuse lining, the black & white

wrapped O-rings, the appliqued flowers, the!

She's got an Amy Butler "Sweet Harmony" bag in the works.

I'll share when it's completed.

Cub scout craft day...

Franklin Cub Scouts earned their sewing badges by making

tiger (cub) puppets. Pretty crafty group...and VERY willing

to be photographed. Great job guys!

Love this new double sided quilted fabric from

Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler! Make a quick but fabulous

tote bag, or a cute spring jacket!


luscious laminated fabrics in prints by Amy Butler,

Kaffe Fassett, and Heather Bailey.

Proms, weddings and celebrations are in the air and everyone's

looking for something to wear...

...we have beautiful silks

...and satins

and patterns by Vogue, Butterick and McCalls.


don't forget to pull on your "sneaks" and cheer on those

brave runners in the Boston Marathon monday.

See you in the store and...

Safe bouncing!