Monday, March 22, 2010

dance, dance, dance

Yep, the arrival of spring makes me sooo super happy I could devote the entire blog to this.....
Instead, I'll share all the springy things going on around this old mill - which has seen quite a few springs by the way - since the civil war!

We are still entrenched in the felting craze here. Cute felted animals keep popping up and I don't know if it's because I recently lost my dog, but I am overly attached to these little guys. Seriously, look at this sheep's sweetie face. (Somewhere in "pup heaven" my dog Chester is rolling his eyes at me.)

Nancy Keyes gave a fabulous needle felting workshop
this past Saturday. Everyone seemed to get right into the groove of it,
producing some amazing felted bags. At the end, I pestered them all
into showing their work to me. Very nice!

We were looking for something "springy" to hang up
in the store...and POOF! just like that, a gorgeous wall
hanging appears - Thank you Nancy.
Kaffe Fassett's "Sprays", "Spots" and "Mirage Stripe" are the
perfect fabrics for this tribute to spring don't you think?

I love seeing the designs that emerge
when Kaffe's fabrics are re-arranged. It's always beautiful.

I am just a bit in love with this shawl on the cover
of this month's Vogue Knitting. Not that I'm a shawl person really,
but I occasionally have wistful thoughts of summer evenings on the Cote d'Azur.
Anyway, if you too have these Gatsbyesque fantasies and
the skill to create such a lovely work of art...we have the yarn:
Prima by Debbie Bliss
a beautiful light weight blend of bamboo and merino wool
Perfect for summer evenings.

Although neglected by this blog, we do have a fabulous
Home Decorating department which has lovely fabrics and
very talented people. Our Home Decorating manager Diane is one
of these super crafty types. She has recently been applying her
skills to wool applique. The bittersweet embroidered on top is what
I like best, sadly my photo doesn't do it justice.
The wool is hand-dyed by the-Fabulous-FMS-chick Joan McAnutlty.
I've spied Diane working on a spring themed piece too (bunnies!)
and will share when it's completed.

That's it for now...
Spring forth...and don't forget to dance!