Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

We have the greatest people who come into our store looking for things to create. Fortunately for us some are willing to share their creations. It's always very inspiring.
Our friend Katie, who is one of Patti Barnatt's sewing students, is a relatively new sewer who has done amazing things. One of the nicest aspects of Katie's sewing story is that she inherited her sewing machines from her grandmother and is now carrying on with the sewing tradition.

She made this dress to wear to a wedding and it is just amazing! ( My photos don't do it justice.) The main patterned fabric is "Feeling Groovy" by Michael Miller. Perfect.

Her bag is a testament to the merging of the two generations. The retro floral on the bottom is from Katie's Grandmother's stash. She then added a modern flair with the Alexander Henry dots on the top band which is what makes this bag work. Funky, modern and hip.

The pattern for the bag is Amy Butler's "Frenchy Bag".

Next to share:

Our friend Lynn made gorgeous wool applique Christmas stockings for her children and grandchildren...

Sweet Aprons...

Another customer, inspired by the patterns in the book "A is For Apron" made the cutest aprons as gifts for her sisters:

Sexy Aprons...

And if you're not the "girl next door" type, how about this bewitching number...

made by our friend Joan.

Last but not least:

One of Joan's sewing students, Devin, made this quilt which she has titled: "The Magical, Mythical World Around Us". Fantastic quilt Devin!

Thank you everyone for sharing your creations!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.