Monday, May 26, 2008

Hats, Chapeaux, 帽子!

It's a movement! Hats galore here at FMS. It all started with

our friend June buying up all sorts of groovy fabric and trims,

and I of course had to know "What're y'up too?"


June sells her hats on Etsy. Check out her shop:

And then...

our friend Joan made a super cute kiddo hat with this

soldier print by the Japanese fabric company: Kokka.

Way to go Joan!

and then...

Joan's student Katie made this incredibly awesome hat

with an Echino fabric. Hard to believe it was made with

this Vogue pattern.

Just goes to show what a really groovy fabric

can do for your projects (that and Katie's talent).

While we're on this subject of hats, thought I'd throw in

a few more for contemplation. All images courtesy of:

Harlem's Heaven Boutique.

Power Hat!

Black Hat (my fave)

or Pink?

Church Hat

(amen to that!)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I was abducted by aliens ? ? ?

Long time, no blog. What can I say?

Anyway, raring to go. Lots-o-great-stuff to share.


Our Oliver + S trunk show was a great success. Now everyone realizes

these are patterns for children's clothing and NOT paper dolls.

If you missed the show, not to worry, our super talented friend Joan is

making the Swingset Tunic and Skirt for the store in the

most groovy fabric.

The cute

pink print is

a Japanese

fabric by


and the dot


Alexander Henry.

I'll share it with you as soon as it's ready. Go Joan, go!!!


Super fresh buttons.

Great for handbags, sweaters, all kinds of crafts. Irresistible!

More Greyson E

handcrafted bag handles in the yummiest of colors:

and, and, and...

Michael Miller organic fabrics are here!

These fabrics are especially nice for making clothing, bedcovers

and soft toys for children. Make an organic bathrobe or softie

toy for someone, it's a nice way to start a new life,

both earth and people friendly.

Yoko Saito

If you've bumped into me in the store within the last few months,

I may have
enthused you into a tour of all of my favorite Japanese

things (fabrics and books)
and probably mentioned one of my

favorite Japanese fabric designers: Yoko Saito.

Most of her pattern books are written in Japanese,

which is a bit overwhelming
for some to consider doing a project

from. However, they are well worth

looking at just for the pleasure of seeing her creations.

We also have many
pieces from her new fabric collection

which she has named:
"My Favorite Collection".

That's a pretty good hint.

Below are a few examples of things made with her taupe fabrics.

These photos don't do justice to her work so you'll have to look her up

on the web, or better still, come in and check out her books in our store.

Yarn hat...

Ok, I'm not the best person to be writing about our yarn department,

but I am very happy to share what I think is some fun goin' on in yarns.

New Noro!

New colors and pattern books:

The absoluteliest cutest:

New yarns and patterns by Sirdar. The pattern above is in Snuggly DK.

Lots of new goodies from Debbie Bliss and Sublime too:

Clearly I was banking on a picture (or two) being worth

a thousand words. There is so much more I could share with you. . .

but I won't ( I know - thank goodness!).