Saturday, August 18, 2012

Field Study

Oh Anna Maria Horner, you have done it again...
 stolen my heart with your sense of style and color.
Her new collection "Field Study" is a delicious and daring mix of old and new.
Here it is explained in her own words:

"A sense of adventure and the idea of investigating the natural world up close and from afar was at the core of every print that I created for Field Study. Yet there were very specific inspirations as well. I got to know moths quite intimately after researching how to cure an infestation in our kitchen pantry-though the beauties that appear in "Sinister Swarm" look nothing like our household variety. Migration maps of various birds around the world started to look like lacework, and so the "Migratory Lace" print was born. Pouring over historical ink drawings of meticulously numbered and labeled plant life drawings gave birth to prints like "Specimen". And my "Cell Structure" floral, while cute and fashionable was conceived by looking through plant like DNA slides. Most of the artwork came about in less than obvious ways, and the collection itself is just the same, unexpected and entirely exciting!
In other words...fabulous!  

We have her ribbon collection too!

You rock AMH!