Friday, January 10, 2014

GiveAway Winner(s)!

Thank you to all who shared their snowy day
activities day with us. What a busy bunch you are!!
In fact, we were so impressed by your productivity
we decided to give away TWO gift certificates!
And the winners are....
The Zarse Family!
Stephanie and her daughter (above) spent the day making
American Girl Doll Costumes.
Marianne McCauley
Who was working on a "Snow Sparkle" quilt.

I got great pics from some of you.
L-O-V-E this one of the pups lounging in front
of the fire.  I'm sure they did a lot of shoveling : ) 
There was a lot of knitting, quilting and, of course,
shoveling going on.  Chicken soup and biscotti making,
Peek-A-Boo playing, journal writing, tea drinking...
puppet shows and cross stitching...
    Bronwyn's snow day plans to "yarn bomb" her mailbox
    were foiled when "said" mailbox was knocked down by a plow.
    You can read about her adventures on her blog:

    By the way...
    she is a fabulous knitter!
     Check out her MUSTWAX sweater.
    It's her own design and you can purchase the pattern
    on her Etsy shop or her Ravelry page.
    (check blog)

    What did I do?
    I swam.
    I know, a bit perverse, but my pool
    was open for the first time in 2 weeks
    and I needed it!

    More stay-at-home snow days!!

    bye for now!