Friday, June 13, 2008

June surely did bust out!

Whew! What an inferno of a start to summer '08.

The current cooler temp is so beautiful, I just had to do

a little dance (in my head), which then made me feel like

sharing cooling thoughts with y'all.

Kaffe Fassett's newest collection of fabric is just sooooo beautiful.

Vibrant, saturated colors, splashed about in bold, playful patterns.

If you don't know about Kaffe, he is one cool cat.

Raised in Big Sur, CA by artists,

he was destined to become one

himself. He started as a knitter,

but soon his talent for design

and color were sought by the

quilting world. So, lucky us on two counts!

We have his latest quilting and knitting pattern books, as well

as his fabrics. Come see them and be inspired!

Yet another multi-talented designer...

Anna Griffin has a new

fabric collection which



So, even if you don't

have a cottage

in the Hamptons,

you can pretend. Make a bag,

spruce up your guest room or

porch with a few summery pillows.

It will make everything cooler!

Snazz one and snazz two...


(sung to the tune of:

If I had a million dollars)

OK, so we have these most

super snazz fabrics by

Dolce & Gabbana,

in the silkiest, softest

lightweight lycra and...

if I were blah, blah, etc...

...I would make myself a wrap dress.

Our supermodelish friend Krista is making herself a dress.

We will be jealous, but proud.