Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just browsing through one of my mostest favoritest places on the web:

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

It took some serious introspection on my part to decide to share this.

I'm just a tad covetous of it. But lucky you, I'm having one of those

"Pay It Forward" moments. And besides, this is too huge not to share.

So many beautiful images!

For example,

today while


through the


in search of


themed images

I found these

great eggs

(Martha would be jealous)!

And how about these spiffy Easter shoes?

I'm thinkin' Manolo

and Jimmy know about

this site too.

Here's a beautiful seed advertisement:

And a rather sinister one...

I think The Wolf

just caught

Red Riding Hood

"red handed"

harvesting poppy

seeds. Maybe

everyone doesn't

see it that way?

Still, much better

than the wolf

eating the Grandmother, hmmm???

Last but not least, one for the guys (Are there any guys who read this?).

Thank you New York Public Library!

Enjoy All!


1 comment:

  1. What a great find. Thanks for sharing. Love the red riding hood one--and your interpretation of it....