Saturday, May 30, 2009

Doin' the June dance!

Just in:

Fab new Michael Miller collection, Lantern Bloom by
Laura Gunn. Laura is a painter and the daughter of Elinor Peace Bailey (another crafty chick) and her fabric looks remarkably like paintings. Yum!

Super groove new bags from Lantern Moon.
Perfect for taking your knitting project on the road.
Also makes an excellent beach bag.

Our friend Nancy Keyes stopped by last week and shared
her latest project with us:

Beautiful hooked bags. Wow!

Look what Lydia made for us:

Bubble Dress by oliver + s

Perfect for doin' the June dance in.

(Too bad they don't make them in my size!)

Another FMS peep, Christina, is preparing to transform this fantastic
Echino fabric into a bag.

I'll share when it's done.

New Noro!

Check out the colors:

Lots of beautiful new linens, lace, silks, and cottons too:

Cool little emergency sewing kit.
Perfect for the "newly released from parental care"
(college grads).

OK, I've run out of steam...but I'll be back soon!

Be well!


1 comment:

  1. That lantern bloom looks so pretty, esp that all blue print in the top left. Thanks for sharing!

    I still haven't made the first Oliver and S pattern I bought, but am wondering if you have the birthday party dress in stock....

    Love the sewing kits!