Friday, October 30, 2009


It's that time of year again - lots of last minute desperados trying to figure out how to rig up monster-fairy-vampire-madhatter-spiderman-queen mum....costumes. We are always ready to help these folks and it's actually kind of fun. Last minute "costumers" are usually pretty easy to please, truth be told - "Wow, you can cut a cape out of felt!!!!", but every now and then there's a real challenge like rigging together a hooped skirt or finding the appropriate ingredients for a human Twinkie.
Good thing I have a college degree.

The toughest part about Halloween for me is that the next day I know I will wake up to Christmas music playing somewhere (probably Walgreens) and this will trigger a terrible panic in me. Every year - EVERY YEAR! I am not prepared for this to happen. I won't go on and on about this, but lets just say it's a glimpse into my dark side. Organized friends who know of my holiday ineptitude are always telling me "well just do something about it, make lists, get organized!!!"
I hate them.

But HA HA! I'm now going to tell you all to get crackin' with your holiday crafty gift makin'. Don't you love the irony?

I'll keep it simple for the moment and just share a few photos of groovy new things in the store. And when I've re-grouped from my post halloween shock I'll get back to you!

Love this new laminated fabric from Kokka!
(terrible photo of it, but trust me, it's cool)

Woodland Friends
by Ellen Crimi-Trent

I learned from a customer who has a pet hedgehog
(did you know this was possible??) that Norfolk Agricultural School
has a Hedgehog Festival!
cute, cute, cute
This is what the judges are looking for in a "showhog":

"The animals should be easy to play with,
and they should not be afraid.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, we look for form and flow.
The hedgehog should be almost "aerodynamic". The animal should be
shaped like a tear drop - a short,
wide face with a filled out behind."

Gotta love it!

From those wonderful folk who bring us One Skein Wonders:

One More Skein!

The projects take a bit more time, but are still manageable.


Girl Scouts collection by Robert Kaufman.
yum, yum, yum

A small taste of new things rolling into the store:

Happy Halloween!


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