Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old friends, new stuff

My new best friend.
He doesn't sew, or knit, or make us
sandwiches at lunchtime (that would be nice)
BUT he has the cutest little band around his ankle and his
wings flap around and wave at people...

What I really wanted to show you are a couple of
new fabrics I'm loving from two of my fave "friends"

Amy Butler has a great new collection called "Alchemy"
I'm in love with the colors and painterly feeling of these fabrics.
 Can't wait to make something with them.

Amy also has a new online magazine called "Blossom"
Just go to her website to sign up for it.
(click below)
It's free!

I think Anna Maria Horner's latest collection "Field Study" is my all time favorite.  
She has this art of combining classic, eclectic and fun.  Love it.
 We've had the cotton collection in the store for a bit,
but now she's put some of the prints on rayon.
This is my favorite in both collections
"Raindrops Poppies"
 These new rayons are a huge leap from the rayons of the past.
Soft, flowing...washable!
Makes great dresses, skirts and blouses.
and...rayon is a natural fiber, so it's breathable.
Very comfortable on hot days.

friends and co-workers Joan, Nancy, Lindell and Jennifer
have fabulous hand-crafted items for sale in the store.
Come see us!

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